Panel System

Panel System

Basic Panel Specifications

Non-HCFC Insulation Panel, Specification for high quality Panel by Nikkei Panel technology. Creating the ideal environment  

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Basic panel specifications
Panel Thickness 42mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
Panel Width 900mm, 1000mm
Core Rigid Polyurethane foam
Frame Rigid PVC frame

Customer's end products :

Prefabricated refrigerator and freezer panels
/ Food industry clean room panel


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Food safety start here. Protecting food distribution with thorough temperature control.

Asia has become a central player as well as a major consumer in the global food distribution industry and bases from which to provide quick accommodation for this is necessary. Panel system refrigerators and freezers play ans essential role in the establishment of strategic facilities for this.

Moreover, food industry clean rooms are needed to secure and maintain high food safety. Our new challenge is to extend our well known reliability in Japan to the rest of Asia.

Customer's end products :

Cold storage warehouse panels

With our newly-established plant in Thailand, our Japanese quality products are making positive stride in Asis.

In Asian countries located in low latitudes with high temparatures and humidity, a large-scale food storage system is major requirement to keep up with the world food market. We offer numerous type of panels to deal with a wide range of temperature, suitable for construction of large-scale cold-storage warehouses that require strict temperature control. In addition, we also provide ample safety knowledge and know-how that we have accumulated in Japan.

Customer's end products :

Industrial clean room panels

Clean space control is carefully designed, and flexibility in construction is also appealing.

Even ultrafine dust cannot be allowed in a production environment where highly precise activities are done, so exceptional design knowledge is needed at multiple levels, from distinguishing the traffic line between objects and people to constructing a super clean room. Our comprehensive expertise in clean room supports nanotechnology.

We also understand the importance of considering the effects of deterioration over the years of operation, and maintaining the initial level of performance.

e support next-generation performance through clean environments and free maintemance principles.

Customer's end products :